Usage: a4 [-i file] [-s] [-V]
    -i file
        Use the specified INI file instead of the default.
    -s  Supress all startup actions.
    -V  Display version information.
See a4.1

Tips and Tricks

Use with abduco
Using a4 with abduco is very efficient. You can have a4 running for days, weeks, months, and disconnect and reconnect as needed. It can be helpful to setup an alias for this, for example:
alias a4.abduco="abduco -A a4 a4 $@"


24bit colors
If you're not seeing 24-bit truecolor, set COLORTERM=24bit or COLORTERM=truecolor (case sensitive) in the underlying terminal and restart a4.
Which TERM should I use?
In general, just use whatever the underlying terminal defaults to. If there's any question, use TERM=xterm-256color.
Setting the terminal title for colorrules
Mouse clicks spitting out characters instead of taking actions
There's a configuration error in the xterm-256color file installed by some Linux distros that causes the mouse to behave incorrectly. Run this command to put a local, patched copy of the file in place for your login account.
infocmp xterm-256color | sed -E 's/(kmous=\\E\[)</\1M/' | tic -o ~/.terminfo -