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a4 Compile and Install

Source code for a4 can be found at

$ git clone
$ cd a4
$ make && sudo make install



It is useful to run a4 with abduco so that you can disconnect and reconnect while your a4 session continues to run in the background. This is also helpful if you run a4 on remote machines since the session continues to run even if your connection to the machine is lost, and you can reconnect later without losing any of your work. Consider setting a alias such as this:

$ alias a4.abduco="abduco -A a4 a4 $@"

Mouse Support

There's a configuration error in the xterm-256color file installed by some Linux distros that causes the mouse to behave incorrectly by printing characters to the terminal. If you experience this problem, run the following command to put a local, patched copy of the file in place for your login account:

$ infocmp xterm-256color | sed -E 's/(kmous=\\E\[)</\1M/' | tic -o ~/.terminfo -