a4 keyboard & mouse actions

mappings of keyboard combinations to terminal actions mappings of keyboard combinations to layout arrangements
mouse on terminal window
click‑1 focus
C-click‑1 zoom
click‑3 group focus
C-click‑3 group focus all
wheel‑up scroll up 3 lines
wheel‑dn scroll dn 3 lines
S-wheel‑up scroll up ½ screen
S-wheel‑dn scroll dn ½ screen
C-wheel‑up scroll up 1 screen
C-wheel‑dn scroll dn 1 screen
mouse on window title bar
click‑1 minimize
click‑3 readonly
mouse on window tag name
click‑1 view set
C-click‑1 view toggle
click‑3 tag set
C-click‑3 tag toggle
mouse on window layout symbol
click‑1 next layout
click‑3 previous layout
C-click‑1 add 1 to zoomnum
C-click‑3 remove 1 from zoomnum
M-C-click‑1 increase zoomsize by 5%
M-C-click‑3 reduce zoomsize by 5%
mouse on window status text
click‑1 status refresh
mouse on window frame line
click‑1 fullscreen layout